SMIA Fellow Program and Distinguished Members

As part of the world-wide Artificial Intelligence (AI) community, Mexican Society for Artificial Intelligence (SMIA) contributes to the integrity and advancement of the AI community by recognizing achievements of outstanding Mexican AI researchers and international AI researchers who significantly contributed to the world-wide AI community and to the development of AI in Mexico. To recognize the extraordinary merits of the deserving colleagues, SMIA has established two grades of elevated membership: Fellows and Distinguished Members.

SMIA Fellow Program

SMIA Fellow Program, established in 2015 by the decision of the Executive Board, provides a distinction for reserved Mexican researchers who have made important contribution to the progress of IA in Mexico and in the development of this Society, as well as reserved international researchers who have made important contributions to Artificial Intelligence in general and have made contribution to its advancement in Mexico via participation in activities of this Society. To select an AI researcher for this prestigious grade elevation, the following criteria are applied:

See the list of SMIA Fellows

SMIA Distinguished Members

Since 2014, SMIA issues a distinction grade to reserved SMIA members who have significantly contributed to, or who have significantly impacted, the AI community at the national or international level in recent years. An AI researcher is selected for the Distinguished Membership as a result of evaluation of the following criteria:

See the list of SMIA Distinguished Members

SMIA Fellows

Lotfi A. Zadeh,
University of California,
Berkeley, USA

Ronald Yager,
Iona College,

Janusz Kacprzyk,
Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Erik Cambria,
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Alexander Gelbukh,
Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico

Oscar Castillo,
Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana, Mexico

Patricia Melin,
Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana, Mexico

Grigori Sidorov,
Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico

Imre J. Rudas,
Óbuda University,

Ildar Z. Batyrshin
Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico

Vladik Kreinovich,
University of Texas
at El Paso, USA

José Negrete Martínez,
Universidad Veracruzana,

SMIA Distinguished Members

Alisa Zhila,
Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico